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Curvy Dental Wedge comes in small, medium and large in both clockwise and counterclockwise rings
dental wedges

dental wedges

dental wedges

Note the exceptional marginal adaptation of the matrix band due to the hugging effect of the Curvy Wedge
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The Curvytm Anatomical Dental Wedge is three-dimensionally shaped to follow the contour of the tooth. Other wedges bend two-dimensionally.

The Curvytm follows the anatomy of the tooth and will create significantly less tissue irritation and postoperative discomfort.

It will help to adapt the matrix band more precisely for a faster finishing of the restoration by achieving more accurate margins, and less chances for overhangs.

Easy to insert and remove with cotton pliers. For critical marginal adaptation the clockwise and the counter-clockwise wedges should be used simultaneously from opposite sides of the tooth.

Instructions for use:

  • To remove the wedge from ring, bend it 180 degrees to the centre of the ring
  • Insert the wedge firmly into the interproximal space using cotton pliers
  • The Curvytm wedge is anatomical, so the art of placement is important
  • Each wedge ring is marked with the four quadrants of the mouth
  • For correct placement of direction of wedges, refer to the included stickers
  • The circle on the head of the wedge always faces towards the occlusal surface of the tooth
  • The letters in the four quadrants refer to the direction of placement of the wedge. ie. For a distal occlusal filling on the upper right quadrant you would use from the buccal direction the blue counter-clockwise, or from the palatal direction, the green clockwise wedge. For a mesial occlusion filling in the same quadrant you would use the green clockwise wedge from the buccal direction or the blue counter-clockwise wedge from the palatial direction. For placement of the other three quadrants please observe the letters in the diagram (MB. ML, DB, DL)
dental wedges
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dental wedges